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One Direction Swap Watch Review

One Direction watch

One of our projects this Summer was a One direction Swap Watch from Cool Create and Flair. At seven years old Molly is interested in music and likes to copy her cousins so was keen to try this watch set and impress them.

One Direction watch

In the set you get everything you need to make a One Direction watch. Although you only have one watch face you can style it in so many different ways an d match it to your outfits. there are over 70 pieces in the box and so many ways to make your watch look good.

One Direction watch

When we set out all the pieces we were really impressed with how much was in the box. There are 5 different watch straps and it makes it hard to pick which one you want. there are also five different cases to choose from.

One Direction watch

Molly chose this combination and it looks really fun. The colours are bright and bold and the detail on the face with all of One Direction looks really good. . You can also use the leather to make your own strap on your One Direction watch. This looks greta with the added beads on it. Then all you have to do is slot in the watch face.

One Direction watch

This is a really great set for a One Direction fan. It is really creative and there are so many different combinations you can make something really fun and unique. I was impressed with the price which is around £15. This is a great price for something which is practical and you can actually use but also which will provide hours of creative fun.

Disclaimer: We were sent the watch set for the purposes of this review.

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