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Once upon a time…

Last moth I worked with Nataliya Deleva at Green Kiddie and sixteen other bloggers to write a children’s story to be published to raise money for Save the Children. It is finally completed and I’m so excited to see my name in print. The book is a collection of bed time stories for little ones. All the stories start with the same beginning, once upon a time.

The best thing about this is that ALL the profits are going to Save the Children.

My story is about a balloon which gets away. I’ve had this story in my head for ages because Molly is so petrified of balloons. She loves them so much that if someone has given her one she gets so upset and loses it big style, to the bemusement of the kindly person trying to give her what they think is a treat. I spent half an hour going round M&S once trying to find a child to give her balloon to because she was scared she would let it go. The mother thought I was completely crazy. Since then I’ve wanted to write a story about a balloon flying away with a positive ending.


I can’t wait to get a copy of the book and read her the story. Also we did the illustration together and she was thrilled her picture would be in a real book.

I know money is tight this year but it’d be lovely to raise some money for disadvantaged children.

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