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Octopus Hideout at The Sealife Centre

It’s always an exciting day when we are invited to The Sealife Centre Birmingham to see a new attraction opening. There is always something new to see and you will find if you haven’t visited for a while you have a completely different experience. Just in time for the Easter holidays you can now see the amazing Octopus Hideout. This is a really fascinating addition to the aquarium and the girls couldn’t wait to see them up close.

SInce the arrivals of the penguins in Birmingham in 2014 they have been our firm favourite. If you love penguins then it is definitely worth a visit over the next month or so as they are starting to make nests and hopefully lay some eggs. I can’t wait to see some adorable fluffy chicks being born. The penguins are busy fetching pebbles to fill their nests. I love how they spend ages selecting the perfect pebble and then carefully carry it back to their nest.

This time all three girls were brave enough to stroke a starfish. It feels like cornflakes in case you’re wondering. There are so many opportunities to get really close to the sea creatures. The girls love going through the little tunnels so that it feels like they are in the tank.

Octopus Hideout

The girls had never seen an octopus up close and were really fascinated to see all its tentacles and the way it moves so stealthily through the water.

The star of the show is a Giant Pacific Octopus named after local singing sensation, Beverley Knight and affectionately called Bev for short! Apparently squeeze into spaces as small as the head of the needle. Weighing up to 50 kilograms she can grow up to five metres in length and is the largest and most intelligent octopus to make Birmingham her home. There is also a lesser Octopus, called Lenny, after Lenny Henry of course. I found it particularly interesting to see the cuttlefish as I always wondered what they looked like when we found a cuttlebone at the beach. In fact they have eight arms and two tentacles, with ridges and grooves that are used to catch prey. Not only that, they also have the astonishing ability to change their colour to communicate with other cuttlefish!

360-degree Tunnel at the Sea Life Centre

A visit to the Sealife Centre always finishes with the spectacular 360-degree tunnel. I could stay in it for hours, there is something really therapeutic and calming about it. We almost thought we were going to leave without spotting our favourite friend the giant sea turtle but he graced us with an appearance before we left.

It is definitely worth timing your visit to quieter times so you can enjoy being in the tunnel with less people as it makes it such a wonderful immersive experience. If you are planning a visit in the holidays it is also worth pre-booking as tickets do sell out.

Disclaimer: This is my post as a Blogger Ambassador for The Sealife Centre Birmingham.Sea-Life-blogger-ambassador-2016

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