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Number Games With Hook a Duck

Hook a duck number games

Hook a duck number games

We bought a simple hook a duck game at the start of the holidays. It is great fun to pretend to be at a fun fair. With a few simple tweaks, you can add a bit of sneaky book learnin’ and still keep it fun. We stuck some star stickers on each duck. Later we added a number sticker on each duck’s back.

hook a duck

These are some of the games we played.

Age 2-4

  • Count how many ducks there are.
  • Sing the song three little ducks, with the ducks to show.
  • Hook a duck and count the stars on the duck’s tummy.
  • Hook a duck and say the number on its back.

hook a duck counting

Age 4-6

  • Hook a duck and the one with the biggest number each time wins.
  • Match the stars on the duck to a number card or the number word written out.
  • Hook two ducks and add together, the one with the biggest amount wins. Extend with three ducks.
  • Hook a duck and find the pair which makes 10 e.g. 3+7 (you would need two 5s
  • Hook a duck and as you collect them put into the correct order.

countingOlder children

  • Hook two ducks and use to practice multiplication facts.
  • Sort ducks into odd and even numbers
  • Write 2 digit or 3 digit numbers on the ducks and use to make number problems.

number fun

Any other ideas?

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