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Num Noms Cute Collectables Review

It’s taken a while but toy makers have finally come up with the perfect formula for keeping little girls happy. It is something like this: 

ice cream + lip gloss x cuteness = Num Noms


Num Noms are cute new collectables which could have been invented by my children. They come in pretty pastel colours and have lovely fruity scents. They have sweet little faces on them. You can collect a few to make your own ice creams. They are totally collectable. My girls love them.


We were sent the Tutti Frutti Starter Pack and two Num Noms Series 1 Mystery Packs. .


The packaging is really cute. The Num Noms come in little yoghurt pots. Each contains two little toys a Num and a Nom. In the yogurt pots these are lip glosses with a fresh fruity flavour. You also get a collectors poster so you can tick off which Num Noms you have got. These cost just £2.99 so are perfect for a pocket money toy. They are a blind bag which means you get a surprise of what is inside.


The scented start packs cost £9.99 and you get a little selection of toys. This comes with a motorised Num, which zooms across any flat surface. Then you get three ice cream Noms each with their own scent. There is also a spoon and ice cream bowl.


There are many different ways you can play with these cuties. They look a bit like teddy bears so you can treat them as pets. Or you can use them to make cupcakes or ice cream sundaes.


You can also buy playsets for the toys like a cute cafe. This has ramps for the motorized Num Noms to slide down.

The toys are made from a durable plastic and are really tough. They will last a long time. They are a bit bigger than other collectable toys on the market and not so easy to lose.


if you are looking for a different present to buy then these will be a big hit. You don’t need to collect the whole lot to have fun, although I’m sure some children will love to collect them every week.

The Num Noms fit into the palm of your hand and would be a good toy to take with you for the day as they are little and could fit easily into your backpack.


Num Noms are a lovely toy to play with your friends or family. They ecourage collaborative play.


Num Noms get a solid 10 out of 10 from the girls. So basically I might as well pay my wages directly to the makers of Num Noms from now on!

Disclaimer: We were sent the toys for the purposes of this review. 

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