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Num Noms Series 2 is here!

Num Noms series 2

Num Noms series 2 are here and they are even cuter and more collectible than before. You can now collect even more scents and even make the flavour combinations even more fun.


These fun toys come in two varieties. There are the Nums which are soft and squishy and which sit on their partner Noms. The Noms now come in four different varieties: motorized, lip balm and now stamps and erasers.


The girls were thrilled to find they had a stamp. It is a really cute leaf shape with the Num Nom logo. This is a fantastic addition to the Num Nom collection.


With series 2 you can now get savoury flavours. We had burgers and chips, hot dogs and even sushi. They are called OJ Pop, Nana Pop, Wild Berry Freezie, Kiwi Freezie, Creamy Pop as well as a surprise character. We were sent the Num Noms Deluxe Pack Series 2 Assortment. This costs £14.99 and comes with 5 Nums and 2 motorized Noms as well as a cute ice tray container and spoon accessory. 


This set really encourages role playing. The girls love to play restaurants and create different food using the Num Noms. There are over 5000 different combinations you can make.  Num Noms series 1 sold out around the world – I’m pretty certain the same thing will happen with series 2.


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Disclaimer: I was sent the toys for the purposes of this review. 

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