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Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck

When the twins saw adverts for the Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck on TV they asked for it straight away. I’m pretty sure this has been designed by an actual seven-year-old girl as it has everything in it they love. It is so bright and colourful and decked out with collectable Num Nums. Plus you get to make your own lip gloss. There is so much to play with and do it is the perfect present.

The Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck costs around £25 and comes with everything you need to play straight away. You don’t need to have any Num Noms all ready to enjoy it. Although if you have other Num Noms you can use it with the truck. We also found you can play with it using other toys. The twins like to have their dolls come and get lip gloss from the truck.

Num Noms are cute creatures which you can mix and match. they are based on different food items. The lipgloss containers are particularly cute and look like little ice creams.

The lipgloss truck is well designed with spaces for each of the toys inside.

There is even space for one of the Num Noms to drive the lipgloss truck.

The set comes with everything you need to customise your own lipgloss.

As well as playing with the truck you can also use it to make your own sweet smelling Num Noms lipgloss. The set comes with a big pot of lip gloss base which means you can make lots of different lip glosses really easily.

It also comes with 2 lip gloss flavours, 1 glitter sprinkles,1 cupcake mixing tool with spatula, and 3 lip gloss container. The flavours are really sweet and just like a Num Nom.

The lipgloss is really easy to mix and has everything you need to get started straight away.

The twins really enjoyed mixing up their favourite lipgloss. You do need to make sure they play with this toy somewhere easy to clean or cover the surfaces as lip gloss does get everywhere. The truck also needs a wipe down after they have been playing as it can get really sticky.

The lipgloss itself is really light and just gives a subtle sheen. It is a fun way to play with makeup without it looking too grown up or over the top. The ice cream containers mean you can store the lipgloss easily and take it with you during the day.

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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