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Nokia Lumia 530 Mobile Review

Nokia Lumia 530

Are you looking for a fun phone with low contract fees? The Nokia Lumia 530 is perfect for you. I think most people had a Nokia as their first phones and to be honest I haven’t had one for a while so I was really interested in seeing if it was still as easy to you and as fun as I remembered.

Nokia Lumia 530

We were sent a phone with a rolling SIM only contract on 3 Mobile which is a great way to buy a phone if you don’t want to pay much upfront and you might only want it for a short time. Current plans start at just £15 a month which makes this really affordable. This is a great phone for someone who doesn’t want a long commitment.

Nokia Lumia 530
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Although it is a budget phone, it comes with lots of features which make itgreat value. It has a windows interface so you can set your home screen to display all your favourite apps. The main thing I look for in a phone is it’s camera. I want to be able to take a decent photo when I’m out and about, so I don’t have to drag my DSLR everywhere. The 5 Megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 530 does the job. In an ideal world I would like a camera with an autofocus as I take a lot of portraits, but the camera did a good job of not being too blurry even with children who can’t sit still. If you are looking to take more than the occasional snap then you would need to upgrade or carry a more powerful camera around with you. 

Nokia Lumia 530

The phone feels good. It is not too heavy but has an appealing slightly chunky feel. The bright orange colour was really fun and you can also get it in bright green, as well as a few sensible colours too. I have read criticisms of the screen resolution in reviews, however, I didn’t find this too noticeable. I found it ran out of battery fairly quickly, even when I was being careful, but I am used to recharging every night anyway. All in all, I found this a great budget phone. It would be perfect if you are looking to save money but still have all the features of a smartphone. 

The Nokia Lumia 530 had all the qualities I remembered from my first ever phone. Fun and affordable, what more could you want?

Disclaimer: We were sent the phone for the purposes of this review. 


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