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No Partner, No Problem: How to Cruise as a Single Parent

We all dream of that perfect sea voyage aboard a luxury liner, but it’s not always easy to remember the complexities that sometimes go with it. For single parents, this can feel especially daunting, as it’s just you and the little ones to co-ordinate – and what if they get bored halfway across the Mediterranean?

The good news is that cruise companies are definitely aware of the concerns you might be facing, and they’ve thought up several pricing schemes and holiday plans that cater to single parents as much as any other passenger type. Nowadays, most cruise packages combine a huge range of children’s activities with introductions and meet-ups for the adults. Disney Cruise Line is great for this – they give you the option of sleeping in the same cabin or adjoining rooms, and the activities for kids enable them to have the run of the ship while remaining safe and in contact with you at all times. When you’re not joining in on the fun, you’ll be away chatting with your fellow travellers, taking dance classes or reclining in the sun on deck. There’s plenty of deals that can be had if you look around too – here’s one to get you started.

If Mickey and the gang aren’t quite your kids’ cup of tea, plenty of other carriers, from P&O to Royal Caribbean, offer packages specifically tailored to single parents and their youngsters, with comprehensive advice to give you peace of mind on safety and security. If you plan ahead in the smartest way, in terms of booking and structuring your trip, you can get the perfect balance of happy memory-making with the kids and reclining by the pool with the adults – and there are plenty of tips available from those who’ve travelled before if you know where to look.

So even when the majority of cruises have always seemed to involve big families, it’s easy to see how times are changing, and how single parents are giving out advice on how best to prepare for the journey. Cruising is the perfect holiday because it factors in so much, ensuring that no two days are ever the same – you and the kids will love exploring Barcelona or Florida as much as the feeling of adventure that comes from watching the sea roll by the cruise ship railings.

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More and more families each year are choosing the cruise holiday for its versatility in timespans and destination choices, and the cruise ship companies themselves have recognised that more and more kids are boarding their ships for fun in the sun. All of the info out there points to cruising being a fun and memorable way to both unwind for yourself and give the kids lots of adventures – and if you’ve been putting it off because you’re a single parent, why worry? The cruise ship business has adapted to our specific needs, and it’s a great way to strengthen the love between you and your kids, while talking about your journey with like-minded adults.

Besides, who could say no to a Mediterranean sunset?

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