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Naughts and Crosses Lunchbox

Naughts and crosses lunch box

Molly has really got into playing naughts and crosses recently. It’s a great game for if you are waiting. I made a fun naughts and crosses lunchbox for her.

Naughts and crosses lunch box

The shapes were made using a O cookie cutter and I just cut the crosses with a sharp knife.

The contents are:

  • Hoops and Crosses crisps
  • cheese spread and ham in flat bread – the grid is drawn on in marmite!
  • cucumber crosses
  • cheese naughts
  • cheese spread
  • strawberry naughts
  • apple crosses
  • yogurt

I also drew a naughts and crosses grid using a whiteboard pen.

Molly loved her lunch box and is gradually getting better at playing.

Naughts and crosses lunch box

This is my entry into the Tots100 #HoopsandCrosses competition.

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