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Natural Remedies To aid Your Family’s Health 

You don’t want your kids or partner to feel under the weather, and making them feel better is always a top priority. Some conditions will require a visit to the doctor, however other minor issues can be dealt with at home. Although there are plenty of over the counter medicines you can get at the drugstore, there are loads of natural remedies to aid your family you can use as alternatives. 

Sometimes these are a preferable method, if you would like to try them then here’s some that could be useful to you and your family. 

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is great for treating stomach aches and other digestive issues. Drinking a cup of this tea after each meal can help encourage healthy digestion and reduce the feeling of being bloated. It has qualities that help to relax your digestive system, which results in the soothing of stomach aches. However, it won’t necessarily help relieve problems such as heartburn. 

Lavender Extract

Lavender is perfect for encouraging relaxation, which is why it is useful if you or your loved ones are struggling to get to sleep. Dilute some lavender essential oil in water and spray on your pillows to help promote a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling well-rested. Additionally, it can be used to help ease the pain from headaches and migraines if anyone if your family suffers from these. 

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Cold Press

This is an incredibly simple technique and is perfect for reducing temperatures and easing headaches. Run a clean cloth under cold water, squeezing any excess moisture from it afterwards. Then place upon the forehead and lay still with your eyes closed for around 15-20 minutes, turning the cloth around to keep the cool side in contact with your skin. You can also use a bag of ice for this method if you prefer, although that might get a little too cold. 


Turmeric can help with aches and pains in your muscles and joints. It has a compound known as curcumin which helps with inflammation. You can ingest turmeric by boiling 2 cups of water with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, then mixing this with warm milk or tea. Alternatively, you can purchase turmeric capsules from most health food and drugstores. 

There are plenty of natural remedies you can use at home to help with pain relief and other various health issues. For those who don’t want to rely on synthetic drugs for these problems, they are great alternatives. However, if these don’t work or symptoms persist, then you should always go to your doctor for further medical advice and treatments. 


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