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Nativity Scene Sun Catcher

about Christmas for kids

This is a really easy craft. I love the whole magic and opulence of Christmas but at the centre is the simple story of a babies birth. This nativity scene sun catcher craft seems like the perfect activity to do as we approached the big day. We were lucky that Molly’s nativity story was a traditional retelling of the nativity so she is already aware of the story. First we read a simple child’s retelling of the story. Then we made some pretty sun catchers to show the scene.

Unfortunately I lost the pictures of what we did at each step, but it is a fairly simple craft.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

You Will Need

  • lolly pop sticks
  • craft foam
  • contact paper
  • tissue paper

First we used lolly pop sticks to make the stable shape. Then I used that to draw a simple nativity scene onto some craft foam.

We peeled off the backing of the craft foam and stick contact paper on the back.

Then we ripped the tissue paper into pieces and stuck them onto the contact paper. The twins enjoyed this part, although most of their tissue paper ended up in balls!

After that we put a craft foam star on to and then hung in the window.

The light reflects through and looks really lovely. If we made these a bit smaller they would make lovely cards.

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