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Nail-a-Peel review

Nail-a-Peel is such a clever idea and one which creative children are sure to love. It is a genius combination of craft and fashion statement. You can colour your nails then add glitter and pretty accessories to create a unique look. With over 50 different looks you can guarantee that no one else will have the same nails.

Nail-a-Peel review

we were sent the 3D theme Kit costing just £14.99. This would make a wonderful gift for a teenager or preteen who loves to paint their nails. It comes with everything you need, including 3 special gel polishes, two nail wheels and one nail décor. The girls love the colours of the gel in pink, purple and a pale turquoise with a pot of sparkly pink sequins.

My girls love doing their nails but get really frustrated because their nails are too short for any fancy designs. With the Nail-a-Peel you get a plastic base which sticks over your nail to decorate. This makes it much easier to create your pattern and also means you can take them off when you’re finished – great if the next day is a school day. 

The first step is to coat each nail with a layer of gel. The twins are seven and found it really hard to get an smooth layer. the gel is a bit thinner than normal Gel-a-Peel but you have to use a small amount so it doesn’t clump up. Older children and teens should be able to do this on their own.

After the gel has dried you can decorate it. There is a picture with lots of different ideas on to copy. The gel dried really quickly in the sun and the nails were ready to stick on within an hour.

Nail-a-Peel review

The girls were really pleased with their new nails. It was a fun activity which would work great at a party or sleepover and made very little mess.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Nail-a-Peel for the purposes of this review

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