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Mystyle Keepsake Lockets

Mystyle Keepsake lockets review

My girls love to make jewelry and I knew they would love the Mystyle Keepsake Lockets set from Interplay. In it, you can make two lockets so it was perfect for the twins as they made one for each other.

My Style keepsake lockets

The set comes with everything you need to personalise your own lockets. There are two chains and locket cases, different backgrounds lots of sprinkles and charms to make it look sparkly. The twins loved that you could write a message and put it inside. My Style keepsake lockets

This craft is really easy to do and needs no adult supervision. They are also mess free, although you might need a tray so the fiddly beads don’t roll off.

My Style keepsake lockets

The finished keepsake lockets look really sweet. The girls chose their favourite animals as the background and added as many sequins and beads as they could fit. The locket itself is really strong and solid. As well as using the charms in the set you can add anything of your own. You can also keep changing the design of the locket. You can personalise it to match your outfit and add your favourite things that week.


This set costs around £12.99 which means it is great for a birthday or Christmas gift. This is a brilliant price considering you get two unique pieces of jewellery as well as a fun craft.

My Style keepsake lockets

You can see the Keepsake Lockets video here:

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