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It always seems wrong seeing those “Back to School” posters before the holidays have even started. However, I always have a feeling of smug satisfaction knowing the children are all kitted out with new uniform ready for the new term. We needed quite a few new items as the girls have had a big growth spurt recently. I always buy my basic items like socks and shirts from Marks and Spencers. I find their items provide really good quality as well as value for money. This year we were sent several items from the Marks and Spencers My School Years range
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It was really interesting to see how uniforms have changed over the years. I have definitely noticed a difference with the girls’ school uniforms to my own. I really hated the feel of the clothes. They were always so scratchy. With modern uniforms, even the jumpers feel silky soft.

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The best thing is as a parent, is there are lots of time-saving features which mean caring for the uniform is much easier. I find, when I buy Marks and Spencers clothes, they keep much better and wash really well. This means they look just as smart on the last day of term as the first.


Girls School Shirts

2 Pack Girls’ Ultimate Non-Iron Slim Fit Long Sleeve Blouses with Stain Away™ £9-£15

2 Pack Girls’ Pure Cotton Polo Shirts with Stain Away™ £7-£13

I’m not going to lie to you, washing and ironing clothes is my least favourite chore. Ideally, I’d like someone to do my ironing ever week but failing that I want clothes which make it easy for me. Marks and Spencers long sleeve shirts come with non-iron technology and you can tell as soon as you remove them from the packet as they look so smooth and the creases disappear. They also feature Stainaway™ technology which helps to release mud and stains in the wash.

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The polo shirts have a really pretty scalloped edge on the collar.


Girls Cardigans

Girls’ Wool Blend Button Through Cardigan £12- £18

I always hated wearing a jumper or a cardigan because the wool was so itchy. I was a bit worried trying a wool blend cardigan, however the wool is so soft and silky it feels really lovely. Sometimes cardigans can look a bit bulky and ruin the lines of the outfit making it not look as smart. This is such a fine knit that it looks really smart and fitted. It has actually made me reconsider wearing wool myself. I might just have to check out the women’s section! The wool is a very dark grey, it is actually a little too dark to wear for our uniform at school. It is such a great cardigan that it will look good with jeans or covering a summer dress.

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School Shoes

Kids’ Freshfeet™ Scuff Resistant Flower Mary Jane Bar Shoes with Silver Technology £22-£26

The girls have a short attention span when it comes to shopping for uniform. I like to do it all in one go, so it is great that you can also buy shoes at Marks & Spencers. I have never bought shoes from M&S before but was really impressed with the quality and fit. This new style is really pretty with flowers on the side and a Mary Jane style. My girls are VERY fussy when it comes to the look of shoes and really love this style. They have a riptape fastening which means it is easy for the children to put on themselves. Apparently, the Freshfeet™ technology keeps feet fresh by combating the bacteria that cause odours. I will have to do regular sniff tests and get back to you on how stinky the girls’ feet are.

School Socks

5 Pairs of Freshfeet™ Cotton Rich Trim Knee High Socks with Silver Technology £6-£7

These knee high socks look really good. They are also really stretchy and comfy and seem to stay up well which makes them look smart.

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School Sports Kit

MJy eldest loves sport, and does a different club every day. I need lots of kit, so I can keep it washed. The M&S joggers feature Stay NEW and ActivesportTM technology which prevents bobbling. this should be great for lots of washing and should prevernt the colour from fading.

m and s Unisex Cotton Rich Joggers with StayNEW™ £7-£10

These joggers fit really well and are snug and comfortable so great to wear for long sports events. The girls didn’t want to take them off as they were so snuggly. They have an elastic waist and around the ankles which makes putting them on really easy. They also seemed very warm so perfect for cold morning practices.

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Girls’ Cotton Rich Cycling Shorts with StayNEW™ & Active Sport™ £5 – £8

The M&S cycling shorts look sleek and feel comoftable. They don’t have any itchy seams and glide easily on. The girls wanted to go for a run as soon as they put them on.


I was not let down by the quality for the school clothes from Marks and Spencers. I love the over al look which is pretty but not fussy and looks really sleek and stylish. The girls gave the clothes the thumbs up fro comfort and I loved all the technology which will make them easy to care for and make the girls look as smart at the end of term as they do at the beginning. Thanks Marks and Spencers for making Back to School that much easier.

Discaimer: We were sent the uniform for the purposes of this review. 


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