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Must a Wedding Be Expensive?


When planning your wedding, it is normal to dream about the most lavish services and venues available. After all, it is your big day and most couples are determined to have the best celebration possible. But is it really worth putting yourself into long-term debt just to have a luxurious wedding? The average cost of a wedding in the UK is now approximately £23,000 (including the honeymoon), which is a full year’s salary for some people.

Consider whether the success of the day is dependent on how much money you throw at it, or whether you can provide your guests – and yourselves – with a wonderful day to remember without it costing the earth. After all, starting your marriage in debt is not ideal, particularly if it takes some years to pay off the cost of a single day (and if you have other savings goals to meet, such as building up a deposit for a new home).

Think creatively

Some of the best weddings are personal, quirky and guest-oriented. So if you have a friend who does photography, a sister who bakes cakes and an uncle who drives a vintage car, why not rope them into the proceedings? A wedding that encourages people to get involved rather than buy expensive gifts may well suit everyone; after all, some of the most lavish weddings also require the guests to spend a lot of money on accommodation and outfits. If you do need to borrow money, at least consider a secured loan from a specialist provider such as Evolution Money, rather than risk ongoing and mounting credit card debts.

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Do it yourself!

There are plenty of aspects you can plan yourself. Invitations, table decorations, seating cards, small gifts and flowers: why not organise these yourselves and have fun doing so? Websites such as eBay are a great source of materials, as are local craft and hobby shops. Alternatively, you could look for second-hand items to use. Remember that ‘pre-loved’ items can make for a wonderful vintage theme, which is hugely fashionable at the moment. Do not feel that you need to follow the standard route, either. Why have the traditional sit-down dinner at great expense when you can hire a barbecue caterer to serve a great outdoor feast, or a party supplier to serve canapés and snacks? Think outside the box and have fun.

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