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Multiple Mayhem Carnival

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Watch out the multiple mayhem carnival is in town. For one day only I’m bringing you a whole heap of posts about parenting multiples from a whole bunch of lovely parent bloggers. Hmmmm…. What do you call a group of multiple parents? A weary perhaps. That sounds about right. Today we have a weary of multiple parents all who have found time in there busy stressed and really quite superhuman lives to write a post about their lovely offspring.

First up is Mich from Mummy from the heart who writes about how different her twins are. Mich’s girls are four and its really interesting to me to see what they are like as they are a few steps ahead of mine. She talks about the dangers of labelling children as they can often surprise you. Take a look at the gorgeous pictures of her girls as they grow up too and the new blog design.

Also with gorgeous pictures of her twins is Mari from Mari’s World with some lovely pictures of the girls and a vlog of them singing. Incredibly cute.

Also writing about the differences between her twins is lisa from The Last Degree. I saw this super post on the difference between twins on twitter from The Last Degree I think it’s so interesting how different twins can be even identical twins. This post shows that they can even have different sense of taste. Fascinating reading.

Next we have Fiona at Coombemill now this is a wonderful farm in Cornwall which is great for parents of multiples as the owner has six children herself including triplets so understands the pressures. Yes you heard that right, triplets and three more children. She totally top trumps me in the parenting stakes. Humph! Just looking at the pictures makes me look forward to a holiday there one day.

One thing all multiple parents will have heard The dreaded question “are they twins?” I’m sure this post from Jane from In a different voice will have all multiple parents nodding their head agreement over all the silly comments they hear when their in the supermarket. I love the strategy of piling the trolly with gin. I’ll have to try that next time, though not gin, as it’s yuck. On the same topic is Tales of a Twin Mum This post really highlights how unkind people can be with one persona even saying “Oh dear I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

One of the other common questions asked is “are they identical!” I get this quite a lot but it’s almost understandable. I have twin girls with very similar hair who are pretty much the same size. They get grumpy if I try to make them wear different coats so when we’re out and about I can understand at they look very similar even though they’re not identical. However this hilarious post from Northern Mum, Jane, shows that some people really should think before they speak.

Having the same problem is Karen from All about the boys. Her photos of her twin boys are amazing and if anyone thinks they are identical then they really need their eyes tested. I love her picture collage of the boys.

Here is a post I will be needing worryingly soon: how to potty train your twins from Young and Younger. Heather did a fantastic job and after just a week they are pretty much there. I’ve bookmarked this post for reading in the Summer when the twins are two or maybe in a couple of years. Who know perhaps they’ll potty train themselves!


Proving that twin mums do everything twice Kerry from Multiple Mummy has sent two posts. The first is a goodbye to First Start. When I read this it made me wish I had known a little bit more about the scheme when the twins were born. First start helps family who need a volunteer to come and help in the home and make life more manageable. The second post is about twin talk and how their speech develops, one of my worry areas too.

Trouble Doubled has written about the rather unenthusiastic reaction her older children have to their twin sisters. another frustrating thing about shopping with multiples is while they get all the attention, any other children are ignored.

Finally we have a post from Multiples and More on discipline and multiples. This is a brilliant website for everything to do with multiples. there are a lot of fabulous guest posts so you get a range of different  perspectives. This post tackles the question of what to do if you tell off one multiple then the others do the exact same thing.

So there you go, it’s been very noisy as ever when you get a whole group of multiples together. Try to get time to visit some of the other posts if you can. It’s lovely to get comments. If you haven’t done so then grab the badge and add it to your post so others can find it

The next Carnival will be over at Multiple Mummy in May. Then Heather from Young and Younger for July. There are a couple of other people who have volunteered to host so leave a comment below if you want to. .

I’ll leave you with my post which explores the true cost of twins, can they really cost £9000?

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