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Mr Peabody and Sherman DVD Review

Mr Peabody and Sherman

We were sent the perfect half term treat: a DVD of Mr Peabody and Sherman from Cash Generator, the high street retailer of new and used DVDS.

Mr Peabody and Sherman

This is a great DVD to watch with the family as it is fun for adults too. It is great to see something a bit different that isn’t princesses or superheroes. In the DVD Mr Peabody, who is the most intelligent dog, or in fact life form alive and his adopted son Sherman go on time travelling adventures together. It all goes wrong when Sherman uses the time machine to impress a girl and accidentally changes history.

Mr Peabody and Sherman

This film is rated PG (for some mild action and brief rude humour). It was fine for my group of girls aged 4-7 and they found it really funny. We weren’t familiar with the original film but I liked the fact it shows that it’s ok to be clever and a bit of a geek. The plot was a little complicated at the end and it meant we had to pause a few times to explain things but it was nice in a way to have a complicated plot rather than have everything dumbed down. This is a faced paced fun movie, perfect for half term which will keep a range of age groups entertained on a wet afternoon. What more could you ask for?

Initial release: February 7, 2014 (United Kingdom)

Director: Rob Minkoff

Running time: 92 minutes

Disclaimer: We were sent the DVD for the purposes of this review

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