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Mother’s Day Card for Young Children

Mother's day card
mother's day card

I love button crafts for toddlers and preschool children. They are really simple and colourful yet turn out great. Also they are brilliant for practicing fine motor skills. There is something lovely about playing with buttons. They are bright and colourful and and can be sorted into colours or size.

This card is quick and simple to make and would work well as a last minute card. All you need is a blank card, some pretty paper – wrapping paper would work well and some buttons and glue. We used craft buttons which already have a sticky label on them but you could just use a line of glue. The finishing touch is paint and you could use a printed greeting.

All I did to prepare was draw a shape onto the pretty paper – in this case a heart. The twins are two and they loved sticking the buttons into place and talking about the colours as they did it. I gave them colour coordinated buttons so that the finished card would look nicer. For this card I also moved a couple once they had finished just to neaten it up but to be honest I like it best when it’s a bit wonky.

mother's day card

When the heart was complete the twins painted in the middle with some pink paint. I added a greeting printed from the computer but you could just write it at the top. Then I let the girls write what they wanted inside.

The result is a sweet Mother’s day card perfect for any female relative for Mother’s Day – or it would work great as a Valentine’s day or birthday card.

love heart card for little ones to make

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