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Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

There is nothing better than breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. This year we will be a bit cheated because the clocks go back so we technically lose an hour of sleep so a lie in is looking unlikely. This makes the breakfast part even more important which is why I was delighted when Asda Birmingham Barnes Hill sent me some lovely Mother’s Day goodies so the girls could make an extra special breakfast in bed.

The twins always have their own ideas about things. When they saw the lovely treats they thought it would be a good idea to have an early Mother’s Day breakfast in bed so it was a real surprise. Apparently, if they do it on Mother’s Day then I’ll be expecting it and it won’t be as good. Hmmm… I think it might be that they wanted to have some of the treats themselves! I’ve informed them this was a practice run and I’m still expecting breakfast in bed on the actual day too.

Pancakes is a brilliant idea for the kids to make. It is really simple to make and the ingredients can be set out the night before, for extra lying in time. There are no dangerous appliances to use yet it still feels like a decadent treat. What’s even better is that the pancakes cost just 80p for five. We were sent ASDA Baker’s Selection Pancakes in Maple and White Chocolate flavours. They were so delicious, light and fluffy and tasted as good as homemade.

I’m not going to guarantee that you will end up with all the breakfast delivered to you in one piece. The twins are eight and were perfectly able to to drizzle some Extra Special Maple Syrup over a plate of pancakes and a diminishing heap of blueberries without any help. The Extra Special Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice was the perfect accompaniment. It is tangy and fresh and perfect to wake you up in the morning, or go back to sleep and get an extra hour, as I intend to do on Sunday.

If you don’t like blueberries then you could always try other fruit such as strawberries or if you have older children they could even fry some bacon.

I’m hoping my breakfast in bed will be a little later than six thirty this weekend, which is the time we get up for school. Being able to sit and enjoy breakfast in peace was definitely worth it.

One of my favourite things about the breakfast in bed ritual is seeing the proud look on their faces as they bring you the treats in the morning, even if half the breakfast ends up in their tummies and the pancakes were drowning in maple syrup.

As well as getting your groceries delivered you can also order you Mother’s Day gift from Asda online. I was sent a bottle of Henri Cachet Champagne as well as a beautiful Metallic Copper vase for that special bunch of flowers. It is the perfect size for my favourite roses.

Charlotte took a couple of pictures to mark the occasion. I think she did pretty well.

The girls really enjoyed putting together this Mother’s Day breakfast and I definitely enjoyed being spoilt. It just shows that you don’t need lavish meals out at fancy restaurants you just need something special prepared with love. This is one tradition we will be continiuing for years to come.

Disclaimer: In paid partnership with Asda

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