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Most Beautiful Home Interior Design Furnishings

Interior design
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We all want to create beautiful spaces for our homes. Be it a contemporary, neo-traditional dreamland or a rustic, ornate aesthetic you’re going for, you must consider your overall interior design.

There’s no point forging the best rustic living room there’s ever been in the adjacent hallway that looks like it’s been plucked from the art deco depths of the 1930s.

Half the battle is choosing what furnishings to use as these can give your spaces personality, flair, functionality, and unparalleled beauty if chosen correctly.

In this article, we will be highlighting some wonderful home interior design furnishings that you can welcome into your humble abode. Let’s rejuvenate your home and replenish its style!

Heat It Up! 

Switching up your radiator is a brilliant way to spruce up any interior. And modern radiators have all kinds of new features, new designs, and impressive appeal for all the budding interior designers out there.

Even the classic white column radiator has been overhauled in the past few decades to come in all shapes and sizes you could imagine. But if that doesn’t take your fancy, there’s a wide range of designer radiators (among others). We tend to like the range Trade Radiators have!

Get rid of those old radiators and get a brand-new model installed. You’ll be surprised at how much it can elevate a room.

Skirting Boards

The humble skirting board often gets forgotten about in home interior design. They are brilliant for highlighting your living spaces’ unique shapes, curves, and geometry, so why ignore them? Why slap a neutral colour on them and call it a day?

Get inventive and creative. Why not go for some patterned skirtings for your rooms instead? If you are going for a more ornate look, buy it with some skirtings. If the contemporary style is more what you are after, then why not try some sleek designs with matte colours?

How you design your room falls to you, and all the little details matter such as;

Furnishing Handles

Photo by chris robert on Unsplash

Handles are important to the overall style that a room will portray. There is a vast selection of door handles available to choose from.

The same is also true for other handles, such as handles from drawers, cupboards, and units that occupy the kitchen. Try to choose a style and stay consistent with it.

It matches the aesthetic you are going for; we’d always recommend getting brass door handles for their unique ability to sanitise themselves. A property that has always been important but even more so with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep your home as safe as it is stylish.

Use Reclaimed Wood For Furniture

you are the kind of person looking to forge a rustic or cottage-core kind of aesthetic for your home, then this idea will be right up your street.

When it comes to getting unique home furnishings, it can be difficult to find furnishings that are truly unique to you and offer a distinct design for your home. However, using reclaimed wood is a brilliant place to start.

Find a local business, company, or wood merchant that is selling or wanting to get rid of their wood and reclaim it. The next step is finding a local carpenter and working with them to commission your very own furniture using reclaimed wood.
If you can’t find any reclaimed wood, then you can always go to a chainsaw artist or straight to a carpenter to commission them.

This is an excellent way to get furniture that is truly one of a kind and tailored to your exact wants, needs, and aesthetic dreams. It can oftentimes turn out cheaper this way than going for high-end furniture from a retailer, especially if you get the wood for free.

Ditch The Carpets

Carpets can be outdated at times, and the longer they are used for, the more unappealing they become. Years of wear, tear, and accidental spillages can turn what was once a pristine carpet into an aesthetic nightmare.

Choosing to go for floorings such as engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl, or laminated wooden flooring is the way forward for the modern interior design enthusiasts out there. Using these kinds of floors gives you a lot of options for designing your floor with rugs and other furnishings – with the bonus that it’s easy to clean.

If you have a bit more to spend, then you can take it a step further with polished granite, tiles, or bare, polished stone flooring.
The options are endless!

In Summary

Home interior design can be a stressful thing to think about, but it shouldn’t be. Focus on choosing furnishings and fixtures that you love but also fit into an overarching aesthetic. Stick to these two principles, and you’ll craft a home you’ll love from top to bottom.

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