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Morph into a Scientist with Morphlabs

Morphsuits has unveiled its first ever ‘crowdstorming’ programme to catalyse an evolutionary step in costume design. Dubbed MorphLabs, the campaign aims to establish a network of creative, inventive and passionate costume enthusiasts, and unite them to build the first ever infrastructure of crowdsourced R&D in the costume world. MorphLabs will not only identify contributors, but also provide a network of collaboration and support to see ideas come to fruition and, the very best to market as MorphLabs graduates.

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MorphLabs will act as a digital social hub for fans and a small specifically selected group of the best existing costume designers in the world, to share, celebrate and inspire the most advanced and innovative costume designs across the globe.

The Morphsuits social media community, which includes 1.4m fans on Facebook, will be used to raise awareness of the initiative, and the company has already identified hundreds of interested costume innovators all over the world.

 MorphLabs will consist of three key areas:

MorphLabs Graduate Crowdstorming – an empowering opportunity for fans to submit their own designs and vote for their favourites to progress from the drawing board to production and sale

The Costume Wizards Community – a best in show area, where world renowned elite costume designers, who regularly compete in the world’s most prestigious costume competitions in Las Vegas with prizes of up to $25,000, were specially selected to exhibit and sell their one of a kind hand crafted costumes. The costume wizards will also be collaborating with Morph Costume Co. to design a more affordable, yet still innovative and advanced costume range accessible to the mass market

A programme of social video content – showcasing new costume launches from fans and Costume Wizards, DIY tutorials and inspiring or entertaining content to drive the creative process. This will include a WTF page devoted to the wildest, craziest and most innovative designs that are a result of all things Morphlabs

“With the launch of MorphLabs, we’re taking this to the next level by incorporating a scientific based testing approach to deliver the most innovative and creative designs in the entire world.”

Mark Rober, founder of Digital Dudz and partner of Morph Costume Co. speaking to us

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