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Moon sand Pet Shop – Review

The Moon Sand Pet Shop was a big hit for my daughter. She is nearly five and loves anything crafty. Here is her vlog review of the moon sand. As you can tell she thinks it’s amazing. 

Moon sand is a fun toy. This set is a good starter as there is a lot to do and it’s fun to make all the animals. Molly played with it for over an hour and didn’t get bored. It retails at around £14.99 which I think is reasonable.


  • The sand is soft to touch.
  • It never dries out.
  • There are 13 moulds so plenty to do.
  • Everything you need is in one set.
  • The end result looks good.
  • The moulds are easy to use. 
  • Comes with integrated sandbox
  • Only comes with two colours (you can buy others separately)
  • You can’t make anything you want but have to use the moulds
  • It is very messy. We did it in the garden which was good as there was sand everywhere. 

A cat mould
Decorate the pet shop

 On the whole we loved the Moon Sand Pet Shop. It’s good for imaginative play as we had fun playing pet shops once there were a few animals made. The end results are good which is encouraging for young children. It’s nice that they can produce something which looks like a cat. I particularly liked the fact that this is a stand alone toy. You can give this to a child and it has everything they need to start playing, even it’s own sand tray. Just make sure they are somewhere easy to tidy up afterwards.

An Easter bunny

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