4 Things All Parents Should Do

Good money habits

This isn’t an article about how you should discipline your child or what are the right foods to give them but an article about what ALL parents should do for their children. It doesn’t matter if your child watches TV all day or plays in the fields, whether they only eat organic food or pizza … Read more

The Later Life Plan

Thinking about the nearing retirement years may take a back seat in your mind. However, in order to fully prepare for retirement it is essential to plan and think of the future.  Below are some key issues that should be considered as part of a later life plan: Retirement properties Retirement properties are becoming more and … Read more

Money Saving Tips At Christmas: Top Tips

Christmas puddings

It can be an incredibly difficult job to say no to your child’s Christmas wishes because money issues are holding you back, but things don’t have to be this way. While the Christmas holidays inevitably mean spending more money than you usually would on treats and gifts, you shouldn’t feel the need to spend hundreds … Read more

Hope for the Future – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Developing Nations

A “cycle of poverty” is when a community is trapped within a set of factors that means that poverty will continue generation after generation until there is outside intervention. Poverty becomes a cycle when a poor family stays this way for more than three generations, because at this point the family does not have any living relatives who can … Read more

Budgeting for Christmas

Christmas puddings

Having twins really threw a spanner in the works budget wise. We thought we had everything planned with money but costs really are doubled with twins. Recently we have had the start of school. Two sets of school shoes was a real shock as well as jumpers with the school logo on. It might be … Read more