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Mon Bebe Classique Corolle Doll – review

The twins had their 3rd birthday at the weekend so it couldn’t have been better tim ing for us to be chosen as a DKL blogger. We were sent a beautiful Corolle doll. She is a really special doll called Mon Bebe Classique Blonde, from the Mon Classique Corolle collection.

Corolle Mon Bebe doll

The doll is suitable for children aged 2 years onwards and is absolutely perfect for three year olds. She is absolutely beautiful, with realistic features and eyes which open and close. Her body is soft and she is the perfect size for a little girl to cuddle.

Corolle Mon Bebe doll

It is her hair which the twins like. I was so pleased we were sent a doll with hair as the girls really love using a hair brush. The Corolle doll has shoulder length blonde hair which is identical to the twins. It is very soft to brush and is rooted hair so it doesn’t fall out. She has it in bunches and a bow – which delighted the twins as they love hair bows because of their current obsession with Minnie Mouse. She is dressed in easily changeable pink top and shorts.

My favourite feature of the doll is the fact she is scented with vanilla. She smells so lovely it makes you want to cuddle her even more.

Corolle Mon Bebe doll

As you can see Charlotte has fallen in love with the doll (now named, unsurprisingly Minnie Doll). We will brush over the fact I originally gave the doll to Rose for her birthday. Luckily they are both happy with the arrangement!

This is a truly special doll and one which we will be keeping very carefully as it would be a lovely heirloom. Any little girl or boy would be delighted to have this new addition to their family.

Corolle Mon Bebe doll

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