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MOKURU – The new fidget roller craze


I don’t know what is happening at the moment with the nation’s kids but there seems to be a new craze sweeping the country every five minutes. From loom bands to fidget spinners with dabbing in and slime between. The next craze set to capture the collective imagination is likely to be MOKURU.

This clever little gadget is already a big hit in Japan. This toy was created in 2010 by Mr. Masakazu Node. His motto: “ Don’t create toys that are safe and easy to play, create toys that can bring joy and happiness. This toy was originally designed to test an individual’s balance and focus. It was conceived as a break from work and for people to use at their desks.

We were sent the red version. It is not an easy toy to master and does take a while to get the perfect technique. The girls were very intrigued as they had seen some Youtube videos. They were hoping to have a video ready for today but have so far only managed to get a couple of flips. They are able to tip over the toy, let it flip and catch it with their fingers. They want to try to make a square or triangle over the weekend so I will update the post if they are successful. One of the main things they have been working on at school this year is to have a growth mindset. This is where you keep trying at something hard rather than thinking you can never do that. MOKURU is a toy which really encouraged this. If you watch the videos then you see there are lots of different tricks to master.


The MOKURU has a sleek design. I think it would appeal most to older children and teenagers, especially ones who enjoyed the bottle flipping craze a few month’s back. There are a few cheap imitations around but the original MOKURU has been designed and engineered to ensure perfect balance and is made from good quality beech wood. It is available in a few different colours: green (Matcha), orange, (Kirin) white (Byakko), red (Suzaku), blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma). Designer Masakazu Node has worked hard to ‘create the perfect size, shape and materials’ for MOKURU. Now the fast flipping toy will be distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Peterkin. It is small so you can carry it around with you and play wherever you like. It makes less noise than a fidget spinner which is a plus for the adults around.

MOKURU website video from MOKURU on Vimeo.

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Disclaimer; I was sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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