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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Closet

Mistakes To Avoid When Designing a Closet

Designing a custom closet space is a fun project for everybody. Whether you want to expand your own wardrobe or your kids are looking for a little extra space, it’s a good renovation with many customization options. However, there are many mistakes to avoid when designing a closet. So here are some of the biggest ones to help give you an idea of what to avoid.

Improper Lighting

Closets typically don’t have windows and rely on a lighting system to illuminate everything properly. No matter what design layout you use for your new closet, we recommend having lighting fixtures that reach every area of your wardrobe. One fun and creative option is to include track lighting along the shelves to create a well-lit and comfortable area.

Failing To Declutter

One thing we recommend before you even begin designing your new closet is going through your wardrobe first. Creating an inventory of what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of can help give you an idea of how much space you need. When clearing out your children’s clothing, it may be a good idea to convince them to donate their old clothes to charity to create more space and help people in need.

Picking the Wrong Materials

If you’re designing a custom closet, you want something sturdy that will suit your needs. When looking at the differences between plywood and particle board, try to think about how much you need and which is better for you if you plan to make future renovations. Particle board might be a good choice for children since it’s easier and most effective to replace in the event of damage.

Not Utilizing the Very Top

One mistake you want to avoid when designing your custom closet is not correctly utilizing the very top. Many people let their shelves reach to the ceiling, which often puts things out of reach and isn’t very practical. Others may make the space below the ceiling too big, which wastes lots of useable space. We recommend having a storage area of about one foot between the ceiling and the top of the shelves. This space allows you to store shoeboxes or other storage without losing too much room for your wardrobe.

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