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Minions Movie with Frubes

One thing the girls were all determined to do this Summer was to see the Minions movie. They LOVE Minions. We were sent a lovely Frubes Cinema Kit full of Minion things so that we could go and see the movie. This really got the girls in the mood for seeing the film – well to be honest they couldn’t have been more excited about it.
Minions Movie Pack with Frubes


We packed out cool box with Minion snacks to take with us to the cinema. We bought some Raspberry flavoured Frubes. These are brilliant to take out for a day trip and there is a fun Missing Minions game you can play on the website.

Minions Movie Pack with Frubes

Of course, we also needed lots of bananas!

Minions Movie Pack with Frubes
Rose dressed up in her full Minions outfit. She even had a special Minion eye patch for the morning before we went to the cinema. She took a few lovely Minions friends with her to enjoy the film.



So we all loved the film. It was the perfect Summer movie with lots of laughs. The girls really loved the Minions getting so much screen time. I liked the fact that the three main Minions were given their own personalities. The new character of Scarlett Overkill was fun and they loved all the silly inventions her sidekick Herb makes.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 16.34.56

The girls favourite part was the scene with King Bob, which wasn’t long enough for them. They also liked the giant Minion at the end. There were a few jokes for the adults too, my favourite was the Minions popping up in Abbey Road. All in all, it was a fun frolic which will keep young children entertained.

Disclaimer: We were sent the movie kit and vouchers to see the film for the purposes of this review. 

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