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Minion LEGO® House

Lego house

At the start of the Summer, we were asked if we wanted to take part in a competition to build our LEGO® dream house by Ocean Finance. The girls love a challenge and thought it would be a fun idea for rainy days in the holiday (of which we have had many – bleugh!)

Lego house

There could be only one type of house for the girls – a Minion house of course. As you can see they are huge Minion fans. So a house shaped like a Minion was the only option.

Minion eye patch

We used yellow and blue bricks as well as some black bricks for the face and some googly eye bricks. The girls found mini versions of us to live in the house with the Minions.

Lego house

I kind of liked the idea of having a hoard of Minions to do my bidding. Unfortunately, they just sit around all day on the mezzanine floor and eat lego bananas. Typical.

Lego house

Here is an aerial view of the house.

Lego house

Disclaimer: We were sent a box of Lego so we could take part in the competition. 

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