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Miniland Activity Pegs Review

Miniland Activity Pegs

i ma always looking for fun ways to get the children learning. The Miniland Activity Pegs is perfect for learning through play and would be good at home or in a school or nursery setting. It is a maths game which is a set of different shaped pegs with different activity mats.

Miniland Activity Pegs

The set includes nine different geometric pegs in bright primary colours. You can either slot them onto the board or use the laces to thread them. Either way this is great for practicing fine motor skills and for basic maths skills like patterning and recognising shapes and colours. Miniland Activity Pegs

The twins really enjoyed playing with this set. They are age 4 and it is suitable for 3-6 year olds so was perfect for them. We did have a few arguments though as there is only one base board. At first I thought it looked a bit easy but they definitely needed to concentrate to match the pegs correctly. Miniland also have sets with smaller pegs which look good too.

Miniland Activity Pegs

The set costs around £16.99. It is very sturdy and will last a long time. It also comes in a strong cardboard box which is great for storage. This will be a set which we will be using regularly.

Miniland Activity Pegs

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Disclaimer: This is my post as a DKL Blogger Team. I was sent the peg set for the purposes of this review

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