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Milk powder dispensers: A Time-Saving Tip for Mums!

bottle feeding twins

As all parents can attest to, preparing milk in a bottle while holding their baby in one arm is no easy task. Measuring the correct amount of milk powder and scooping it, without spilling, into the narrow mouth of a baby bottle requires the dexterity and balance of a brain surgeon. Fortunately though, some enterprising souls have created milk powder dispensers to help resolve the issue. 

What is a milk powder dispenser? 

milk powder dispenser is basically a plastic container divided into multiple compartments (usually three or four) which will all have individual, easy to open lids. To use the dispenser, simply fill each compartment with the exact amount of milk powder required for a single serving. When the time comes to prepare the milk, simply flick the lid open and pour the milk powder into the baby bottle. 

Obviously, to make the process even smoother, baby bottles should ideally be prefilled with water first and kept warm using bottle warmers.  

Milk powder dispensers are also extremely useful for parents on the move. Instead of lugging large containers of milk powders, parents can simply fill the required amount of milk powder into the dispenser. 

bottle feeding twinsChoosing the right milk powder dispenser 

Milk powder dispensers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. While most of us would be instantly tempted to buy the largest model or the one with the most compartments, please keep practicality firmly in mind before making your decision. Remember, you’re using the dispenser primarily to enable you to prepare milk using one hand, so larger models, which could be too heavy or too wide, will require two hands to operate, which defeats the whole point of buying them in the first place.  

Nevertheless, larger units are useful for long journeys or overnight trips. But again, make sure it can fit comfortably inside a handbag or travelling bag before making a purchase. Sacrificing mobility just in the off-chance you might need to feed a dozen extra babies is not a smart trade-off. 

In addition, please ensure that the dispenser is made out of food grade plastic, and is Bisphenol A (BPA) free. Recent studies have shown that medium to long-term exposure to BPA, which enters into the gastrointestinal system through heat-aided degradation of polycarbonate plastic, could negatively impact the internal organs of babies as well as adults. 

Take the next step with a baby milk dispenser 

You might be thinking, why stop at just milk powder? Why can’t we prepare the milk in advance? It will save us even more time and completely do away with the nightly one arm wrestling with your hungry baby. 

This is where baby milk dispensers come in. It acts more than just a dispenser. Depending on the model you purchase, the machine can literally mix the exact amount of milk powder and water – at the right temperature – at just the press of one button. 

It’s time to say goodbye to water spills on the floor and powdered milk spills on the kitchen counter. It’s time to embrace the 21st century with milk powder and baby milk dispensers. 

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