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Mini Micro Scooter Review

How to make microscooters even more fun!

It’s funny how everything changes when you have kids. Before I always wanted a Mini Cooper, a racing green one with stripes down the side. Since having kids everything I want seems to be for them – I have seen little ones scooting about on Micro Scooters in the park and wished we could afford to get them for the girls. I was so thrilled when we were given the chance to review a Micro Scooter and finally see if they are as good as my expectations. A pretty big box arrived and I couldn’t believe it when we received two so the twins had one Mini Micro Scooter each.

Mini Micro Scooter Candy Lilac - Limited Edition

We were sent two Mini Micro Scooters which are perfectly designed for 3-5 year olds. They are incredibly easy to put together and in just a few minutes are ready to ride. There are so many choices on the website and the best thing is that you can have your scooter pretty much how you want. The twins are incredibly girly and this pretty Candy Lilac colour suits them perfectly – it’s only limited edition though so get it while you can! You can instantly see why the scooters have won awards. The lightweight design means that little ones can pick them up themselves and the 3 wheels with two at the front makes it much more sturdy. The steering is much easier too as you just need to use your weight to turn.

Mini Micro Scooters

The Micro Mini Scooter costs £59.95. It is definitely an investment as you can tell it will last. You can also buy spares and parts on the website if you need to. With Molly I bought a few cheaper scooters and ended up spending as much – definitely a false economy.

Micro safety helmet


The thing I worry about with letting the girls lose on scooters is getting them to wear a helmet. The twins both have very strong ideas about what they should wear and practical head gear don’t fit into their outfit ideas. However the candy pink Micro safety helmets are pretty enough that they will put them on. They look really funky and there is such a great range of designs that I am sure there is something for every child. The helmets cost £19.95 and are definitely worth the money. They can be used for other sports too.

How to make microscooters even more fun!

The other great thing you can do with your Microscooter is transform it into a magical creature. My girls love imaginative play – and adore pretending to be princesses or super heroes and now they have a trusty stead to ride on adventures with.


Charlotte has a Zooter called Trixy on her Microscooter. It is a brightly coloured fabric body which slips easily over the scooter. It has two pockets to put a water bottle in so great for the school run. It even has reflective strips on it to keep children safe. So clever! The Zooters cost £19.95 and would be a great present for a child who already has a Microscooter. There is a range of creatures to choose from including lions and dinosaurs.


As you can see Charlotte loves her scooter very much.


He gets fed lots of carrots and water and is given lots of cuddles.


Rose has a handlebar hero on her Scooter. This is a foam animal mask which attaches to the top of the Microscooter so it becomes a cute pony. I have to say this wasn’t the easiest thing to put together but it’s worth it as it looks so good. These only cost £9.95 and are a cheap way to instantly update your Microscooter.

Mini handlebar hero

We were also sent a Mini handlebar hero to go on the  handlebar. this is a cute version of the larger horse and is really sweet. The girls like to have baby versions of everything and so love him!


The other thing I was keen to review was the Scoot and Pull. These only cost £6.99 and are essential kit for any mums with scooters. There have been so many trips to the park where I have ended up carrying the scooter back home when the girls get too tired. This is a simple bit of kit which means you can pull the child along on their scooter. It also slips over the back so that you can carry to the scooter if they decide they don’t want to scoot anymore meaning you still have your hands free.


Rose has discovered that she can also pull her scooter along. To be honest at the moment she is more interested in doing that than actually riding on it but it’s a start.


After testing the Microscooters for a month I definitely think they are worth the money. Am I still craving a Mini Cooper – definitely not – I have my heart set on an adult Micro FlexAir scooter so I can whizz along beside the kids!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Microscooters and accessories for the purposes of this review. The views expressed are my own. 

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