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Mickey and Minnie cakes

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cakes

For a while now the twins have been obsessed with Minnie and Mickie. It was an obvious choice to make them Mickey and Minnie cakes for their 3rd birthday and it seems perfect for a twin birthday celebration.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cakes

I like the twins to have a cake each on their birthday. They have to share the day but everyone should have their own cake and should be sung Happy Birthday individually.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cakes

The cakes are very simple. I just made a double amount of cake mix – using a simple sponge recipe – with a  spoonful of vanilla to add a bit of flavour. Then baked in 4 circular cake tins. One of the cakes became the face and the other the ears.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cakes

I used ready made fondant icing for all the decorations. I bought three colours: black, red and white. First I coated the whole cake in a thin layer of black fondant (it can’t be healthy!). Then rolled red and white together to make the face, cutting it out with a sharp knife. I used white for the eyes and black for the nose and eye balls – rolling into an egg shape before squashing. The mouth was long strips of black and red. Minnie’s eyelashes were done using a tube of black icing. The bow was the hardest part, I made this with two strips of red icing and decorated with some ready made flowers.


The twins were thrilled with their cakes and loved having their own one. I liked the fact that although there were tow cakes they were actually quite small and flat and so we didn’t have too much sitting around.


See the twins 2nd birthday cakes  here.

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twin birthday cake


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