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Relaxing at Christmas

One of my favourite traditions from around the world is the Irish tradition of the Women’s Christmas. During Epiphany, the men take over the traditional household tasks for the day, while the wives and mother’s get to put their feet up. Of course, it is a bit old fashioned to say that it is just women who do most of the tasks over Christmas. In lots of households this isn’t the case. However, one person usually bears the biggest load of cooking, cleaning, buying presents and keeping the peace. Whichever person that is deserves a special day where they can relax and take it easy.


As a working parent with three young children time to relax is often essential but easily overlooked. I can definitely tell when I have been neglecting time out as I start to feel frazzled and grumpy. Things which don’t usually bother me suddenly get under my skin. These are my top tips for getting some me time:

  • Do what you want to do

Some people like going to the pub others for long bike rides. I love to go for a swim or do something creative, like painting. In fact, my dream escape is just to read a book, in the afternoon, with a cup of tea. I’m an introvert, I guess. Whatever it is you enjoy, make time to do it.

  • Don’t feel guilty

So you’ve finally escaped for an hour, or even a whole day. Don’t ruin it by thinking of all the things you should be doing. Make sure you enjoy every minute so you go back feeling refreshed with a new love for your life.

  • Capture the feeling

Take a photo or buy a memento of your time away. Look back on it frequently so you can remember how it felt.

  • If you can’t leave the house – cheat!

Sometimes it isn’t possible;e to get away. Maybe you don’t have a babysitter or can’t afford an expensive night out. A day at home can be just as good – as long as you spend it doing frivolous things which are purely for yourself. BaByliss

  • Do something every day

Finally remember it doesn’t have to be anything big. A little moment to yourself can make all the difference. I find spending twenty minutes on Pinterest or reading the newspaper really makes the difference. Taking the time to do your makeup or blow dry your hair in the morning can make you feel good all day. I really like the Babyliss Straighteners & Dryer bundle as it gives you a really professional finish. Great for those days you need a bit of extra confidence.

I think the important thing is that whatever you do you take time to enjoy yourself and let someone take the strain for a change. Don’t worry it will be back to normal all to soon!

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