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Master Moves Mickey – Review

Master Moves Mickey

Master Moves MickeyMonster Moves Mickey from Fisher Price is a big hit in the Here Come the Girls household. This toy has probably generated the most excitement of any toy we have reviewed so far. Firstly it comes in a huuuuuge box – it would look great under the tree at Christmas – as everyone knows size IS everything. It looks great as well with bright colours. The fact it is in an advert which seems to be on every five minutes helps too of course!

There are also a few songs which are new and quite catchy. I was pleased they are real songs which makes them a lot more enjoyable. The toy does lose balance sometimes and then it asks you to pick it up. The girls didn’t seem to mind and gave him lots of cuddles.

Master Moves Mickey

Mickey is such a loveable character. The twins are slightly confessed and call him Minnie but they are now absolutely mouse obsessed and it’s all down to this toy. Charlotte, especially adores him. She loves to dance and would spend all day dancing with him. It’s really great for young children because to get Mickey to dance all you have to do is squeeze his nose and off he goes. He has a large repertoire of moves – the best being a rather impressive one-handed somersault! The thing which makes this a winner is that it encourages the kids to copy and move about themselves. We’ve had other toys like this before and although they are fun the children just watched them passively. This is actually great for exercise  and coordination and I’m sure the girls have picked up a few moves watching him – though I am slightly disappointed non of them have learnt the one-handed somersault yet!

At around £60 this is not the cheapest toy – however it is so much fun and the girls have already got so much pleasure from it – this is actually one time I think it is worth the price tag.

Master Moves Mickey

Disclaimer: I was sent a toy for the purposes of this review. The views expressed are my honest opinion. 

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