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Making Memories: Tips for Planning a Fun Girls’ Night In

Making Memories: Tips for Planning a Fun Girls’ Night In

We all need a girls’ night every once and a while. Sometimes, staying inside is the best way for you to spend quality time with your friends since the setting is more intimate. You can set the ambience and talk with fewer interruptions when you hang out at home. Plus, you’re in control of the food, music, and activities you do. If you need some assistance in planning a fun night, we’ve compiled some of the top tips for planning a fun girls’ night in. Check out the information in this article so that your night is a blast for everyone!

Send Out Invitations

You can call your friends on the phone or send out a group text, but nothing beats an old-fashioned invitation. You can buy some cute invites at the store or craft your own for a unique flair. Most importantly, you list out the time, how guests should contact you, and whether there’s a dress code.

Your invitation should also let guests know when they need to RSVP to you. Ideally, it would help if you had a headcount at least one week before the big night to buy everything you need without feeling stressed. This is a great way to reconnect with friends, and it shouldn’t feel stressful.

Planning Tip

Setting a dress code takes girls’ night to the next level and adds a unique twist. If you plan to have a wine and cheese night, ask your friends to wear that “little black dress” they’d normally save for a night out. On the other hand, if you want to host a spa night, have everyone come in their pajamas.

Plan Activities

Activities set the party’s theme and make your girls’ night in stand out. Think of what you and your friends love doing together. If you need help thinking up the best idea, here are some great activities:

  • Painting night: Do your own painting with wine at home.
  • Spa night: Buy relaxation essentials and play Zen music.
  • Movie night: Wear PJs, make snacks, and enjoy a fun movie.

Activities like a spa night are great because it gives all of you time to reconnect while also relaxing—being an adult is stressful! And if you plan a spa night, blend the relaxation with other fun activities, like DIYing sea buckthorn berry facial oil. Making your own cosmetic product is fun, and this is a perfect party favor.

Have Complementary Food and Drinks

Our final tip for planning a fun girls’ night in is to plan a tasty menu corresponding with the night you envision. While most can agree that pizza is delicious, many people don’t associate greasy food with a cozy spa night; a Zen night usually calls for finger food.

No matter what theme you decide on, remember that you can ask your friends for help. After all, the night becomes more fun when everyone pitches in.

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