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Money Saving Tips At Christmas: Top Tips

Christmas puddings

It can be an incredibly difficult job to say no to your child’s Christmas wishes because money issues are holding you back, but things don’t have to be this way. While the Christmas holidays inevitably mean spending more money than you usually would on treats and gifts, you shouldn’t feel the need to spend hundreds that you don’t have, and you certainly shouldn’t feel like you need to keep up with the Jones’s by making sure that your kids get spoilt rotten on the big day.

Christmas puddings
No cook fudge

The fact of the matter is, Christmas isn’t about how much you spend on toys for the kids. It’s about quality time as a family and a few, well thought out gifts that will mean the world to them. The cost of the festive period can certainly add up though and by the time you’ve factored in the other expenses as well as whatever’s on the Christmas list, you could be met with a value that you just can’t afford.

Instead of panicking, or piling it all onto the credit card to worry about it later, take a look at these money saving tips that will help your money go further, this Christmas.

Buy Second Hand Toys

Don’t feel like you need to buy brand new for everything. If you know of someone who is selling toys, or you see something online that is superb value for money, get it! Kids grow out of toys so quickly that it’s a shame to spend a fortune. Make sure that what you buy is in good condition and that it has all the necessary pieces with it though. For example, the Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set without the cups or cakes would be pointless, just like playsets without the figures would! A mix of new toys and second hand would be the ideal money-saving compromise.

Get Crafty!

Rather than buying expensive gifts for parents and other family members, get a little crafty with your kids and make things instead! Not only will the presents be filled with extra sentiment but your kids can have a great time helping.

Perhaps some homemade gingerbread or fudge, or some candles made from old candles and melted into teacups?

Make Decorations

It’s incredibly tempting to add to the decorations stash every year but rather than spending pounds in the high street or at the local garden centre, make them yourself. Your kids will no doubt bring decorations back from school that they have made, and you can add to these with pretty streamers and trinkets for the tree.

Ask Guests for Contributions

If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year, why should you pay for it alone? Ask guests to bring contributions, such as the wine, or the dessert, to help spread the cost and make the final bill less alarming.

Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Be a little savvy with your spending and your pounds will stretch further.

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