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Button Christmas Cards For Toddlers

making Christmas cards

I enjoy making Christmas cards. I like to come up with a few designs which I can make with the girls and give out to friends and family. With the twins I needed a simple idea which will take under ten minutes to do. They are nearly two and a half and they do not want to sit still for long.

making Christmas cards

We had lots of buttons left over from another art project. These craft buttons are especially good as they are self adhesive so do not need messy glue. You can buy similar ones from most art suppliers.

I drew circles for the girls onto pretty paper and they really loved sticking the buttons on. They did a really good job (although I did move a couple which were in the wrong place). I was going to limit them to a few colours but it actually looked alright with any colour.

making Christmas cards
Charlotte making Christmas cards

After that I gave the girls a bit of paint and glitter glue and they painted the middle of the circles. You could just add a bit of coloured card into the middle. I stuck the picture onto card and added a message and a few lines in black pen to look like a bauble. Then I let the girls draw inside.

This is why I enjoy making Christmas cards. Simple and fun – with a bit of extra learning about colours and shapes thrown in.

making Christmas cards

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