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Make your own Fabric Painted Bags

I have seen printing using celery on pinterest. I think it’s the new potato printing. It’s very easy, just cut off the bottom of the celery and it forms a lovely rose pattern. I wanted to print something large to work as a design for some bags to store gloves and scarves in the hallway and this was perfect. It is very easy for young children to do as it is such a large stamp.
These are the things I used to make the bags.
  • plain canvas bag
  • celery
  • fabric paint
  • fabric pen
  • clear letter stamps
  • cookie cutters
  • decorations – roses and ribbon
Practice a few times to get a good picture. We used three roses in the centre of the bag.
Use the letter stamps to make a name or a logo and stamp onto the edge. This part will need some adult help as you have to write the words backwards.
 Add some decoration. We used a line of ribbon and some small roses.
I used a cookie cutter to create a template for the teddy bear to match my blog header.
We also made a T-shirt design.
In the summer we used the cookie cutters to make these T-shirts.
For more celery printing go to RedTedArt and Homemade Serenity
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