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Make Your Own Cake Stands

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cake stand

I don’t normally make things just for me these days. Usually everything I do is for the children. However, I have been wanting to make myself a cake stand for ages and finally found some cheap and pretty plates to use. This craft is really very simple and it’s so cheap. If you have the plates and glasses already then all you need is the glue and I bought this for less than a fiver. If you don’t have plates or glasses then they are easy to get at car boots, charity shops or ebay. Of course it’s a slightly sad indictment of my lifestyle that I have used our old shot glasses to make a cake stand. It is a sad sad day when you need somewhere pretty to display you’re tea things over a shot of tequila. Luckily we still have a few left, in case things get so bad I need to turn to the liqour cabinet. 

cake stand

 You need three plates of different sizes and the glasses need to have a flat rim to form an even surface. 

cake stand

 Measure the centre of the plates with a ruler and make a small mark with the pen. Glue both surfaces, the glass and the china, as this means they bond better. 

cake stand

 Add a plate onto the glass and then another glass on top. I left each layer to dry in between. 


 I made two cake stands so I could try two ways of putting the glasses.In the first way both glasses are the right way up.I was surprised that I preferred this way as it looked more even. 

cake stand

 In the second way the bottom layer has a glass the right way up and the next layer it is upside down. 

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