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Transparent Christmas Crackers

How to Make Transparent Christmas Crackers

When I was asked to write a post about my favourite Christmas activity to do with the family by Harveys for their Harveys Yule Rule series, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. My favourite activity with he kids is to make Christmas crackers. I love the fact that with a few new materials you can make a stylish table setting which matches your decorations beautifully. After making these Snow Globe Christmas Crackers I have become obsessed with transparent crackers. I think they look so beautiful and particularly festive.

crackers 8

This year we have made two sets of transparent crackers: red and gold.

Materials To Make Transparent Christmas Crackers

  • Clear sheets of plastic (acetate)
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • small chocolates
  • cracker snap, hat, joke
  • sequins

You also need sellotape. If you want it to actually open when you pull it and not just have it as a decoration then you need a perforator. I used this sewing tool which can be used to trace patterns called a tracing wheel. 


How Make Transparent Christmas Crackers

First you need to make some clear tubes using the sheets of plastic. Roll them into a cylinder and stick with a piece of sellotape. These are what hold the shape of the cracker. I used half a sheet of A4 acetate but this was actually too long as it meant the crackers snaps were a little too short to pull properly. If I make these again I would make them smaller. 


Then fill the tubes with what you want to go inside. We put in lots of sequins, golden bells, chocolates and a cracker snap. You could also include a little gift, and a joke or a fortune. 


It looks really pretty if you choose coordinated items to go inside your crackers. 

crackers 5

I particularly like the look of the chocolate coins inside. 

crackers 3

After that, you need a rectangle of cellophane to wrap around the cracker. It needs to be a bit longer than the plastic tube inside. One you have rolled it round the tube, stick it together with a little piece of sellotape in the middle. Then tie the ends with ribbon. You can also stick a button or a name label on the front.  


Although these are fiddly they are surprisingly easy to make. 


It makes a really modern table decoration or would look beautiful on the tree. 

crackers 8

The best thing is that you can make the transparent Christmas crackers totally personalised. You can leave the silly hats if you hate wearing them, or put in a really special present inside for someone to find. Wouldn’t they be amazing with an engagement ring inside? 

xmas crackers 3

If you put one on each place setting with a name label on then they are the perfect finish to your table. 

The finished Transparent Christmas Crackers

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