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Make Snowmen from Milkshake Bottles

Milk shake bottle snowmen craft

When we were in the shop we noticed that these milkshake bottles looked just liked snowmen. They are really great to make a simple craft because you just have to peel off the outside layer and they are white underneath.

snowmen from milkshake bottle

You Will Need

  • milkshake bottle
  • mini hats
  • googly eyes
  • orange craft foam
  • ribbon
  • buttons/pom poms
  • hot glue gun/double sided sticky tape
Milk shake bottle snowmen craft

This was such a simple and fun craft. We used the mini hats you get from Innocent Smoothies in November. You could make your own hat, either knit one or sew with felt. Then add googly eyes, some orange craft foam for a nose. Then we added some pom poms for buttons, you could use real buttons and a ribbon for the scarf.

Milk shake bottle snowman

This would be a lovely craft for a Christmas party. You could put it out in winter small world for the children to decorate their own snowman. You would have to collect a lot of bottles for a class to make these but I guess you could collect them over a year.

Milk shake bottle snowmen craft

When it snowed, the snowmen looked so cute in their natural habitat!

Milk shake bottle snowmen craft for kids

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