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How To Make Fairy Blossom Bead Curtains

bead curtain

Continuing with our fairy theme crafts, we made some bead curtains which would look lovely decorating a fairies bower. We haven’t actually put them up yet, mainly because M has attached bells to the bottom so that she can ring them in the morning so everyone knows she is awake. As she believes morning starts at 6am these days (she’s out by at least 3 hours) I’d rather this doesn’t happen.

fairy bead curtain

Using pink and white tissue paper draw around something round.

fairy bead curtain

Cut out. The circles don’t have to be perfect so it’s good opportunity to work on scissor skills.

bead curtain

Tie a knot at the end of some wool. Add beads using a children’s needle to thread onto the wool. A random pattern looks best.

Every so often thread on a few of the tissue paper circles curling them to look like blossom.

Attach a bell to the bottom if you want the beads to make a noise.

Make as many strings as you want. Hang up.

fairy bead string

Wait for the fairies to come!


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