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Mad Pram Lady – Double pram reviews

Another day – another new double pram. I feel like all I have done during the past year has revolved around prams. Looking at prams, buying prams, pushing prams. The problems is I have not found one I am really happy with.

So far I have bought 6 prams for the twins (and I think 3 for their big sister) most of them have been second hand – but it is really ridiculous.

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The first pram we bought for the twins was the Twin Two. We got a great deal on ebay and it in a great condition. I think it is a super pram for newborns. The seats double up as car seats – so you can take them in and out of the car if they are asleep so it’s great for shopping. They are also facing you and you can make eye contact easily with both babies something which you can’t do with most double prams. I think this is really important because it gives them security and more time for conversations. There is lots of space for shopping in the middle and it’s not that heavy to push. Another big advantage is that it is very long so it fits though every door.
The main problem is the size. It takes up lots of room in the boot and it is quite heavy to lift in and out. It also attracts a lot of attention – it is obvious there are twins there. I also don’t think it works for older babies. Once they sit in the toddler seats they loved it – mainly because they could hit each other over the head, a game they found endlessly amusing if they were in the back seat but not so much fun for the one in the front, trying to get a nap.

So the next pram we bought was a nipper out and about. This is my favourite. It is a three wheeler so light as air to push. My daughter’s nursery is up a big hill and it is even easy to push up there. I have even jogged with it a couple of times when I couldn’t get out on my own. I don’t think it’s great for newborns though, it just doesn’t look as comfortable and they are facing forwards so it’s hard to keep an eye on them.
Again it doesn’t fold down very small and is heavy to lift. Also on the downside, there is very little space for shopping. It is also hard to fit it though single doors. Because it’s so easy to steer, you can wiggle it a round and get through a door if you really need to but it’s a faff.

We also had to buy a single pram. I was really disappointed with this as we’d kept my daughter’s pram but it had gone mouldy in the shed. I tried just taking one twin in the double pram but everyone would look horrified – as if I had left one baby on its own. I only bought a cheap one as we only use it every now and again if one is asleep and my husband is at home to watch them. It is so nice only having a single pram though – it’s so light even my daughter can push it and it fits through every door.

The main problem with both the other prams was that they take up so much space in the car. Even though we have a 7 seater Scenic you can’t fit much more in when the pram is in there. So for the twins birthday we bought a cosetto. It looked so pretty but unfortunately broke. We bought it second hand, but the side bar went – it could have been quite dangerous and made it impossible to push. Other than that the pram was fine for a double. It folded down really flat and is quite light to pick up. The main thing I was disappointed with was if the pram was wet it would make the top of the pram really dirty. I guess this happens with all umbrella folding double prams but because of the light colour it looks really noticable.

I wasn’t planning to get another pram but after my parents watched me struggle with the cosetto one weekend they sent me an Obaby pram as a surprise. This is a really practical double pram. It is black so not as pretty as the cosetto but I think it won’t show the wear. It folds small, is light and easy to push. It won’t fit through every door and is a bit difficult to steer, and you can’t push it with only one hand.

Hopefully that is the last pram we will ever by as we have no plans to have any more children. We now just need to get rid of all the spares in the shed.

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