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Luxe Yet Useful(ish) Gifts to Make Any Mum Happy

Gift giving can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it is for a loved one or close friend that you are running out of gift ideas for. If you’re thinking of what to get a mum (or your mum) as a present for a special occasion, here is a nice list of things almost anyone would appreciate.

Luxe gifts to make any mum happy: 

A special piece of jewellery

A special piece of jewellery is a thoughtful gift that will put a smile on any mum’s face. Whether it be a piece for a special occasion or something that she can wear on a daily basis, adding a special piece of jewelry to her collection will be greatly appreciated. You can find incredible items at Milan jewellery shops such as Pisa Orologeria for example. 

A Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is customizable and mums will love to be able to change it out as their kids get older. If you are gifting this to your mum, bonus points if you collect a few family photos and snaps that you know are special to her with the gift. 

A bougie skincare set

While many mums will tell you that they don’t have as much time to spend on their skincare as they once did, having special skincare products will make the experience feel luxurious. Gifting her with a bougie skincare set will encourage to set that extra time aside for some self-care and help her enjoy the time pampering herself that much more. 

New wallet

A wallet is a practical item, and a way that you can make an impact with your gift because it is something that is used every day.

A Kindle

A Kindle is a wonderful gift that will make any mum happy, making it easy to read whenever, wherever while on the go. It’s no secret that a mum’s handbag can get heavy quickly, and rather than lug around a paper book all the time, sometimes a sleek Kindle is easier and more convenient to carry. 

A box of expensive teas 

When a mum wants to wind down and relax, there is nothing like a cup of tea. Rather than her usual tea, a box of expensive teas such as some from Kusmi elevates her hot cup of tea and makes it feel special. 

Silk pillowcase 

A silk pillowcase changes the way you sleep. It not only feels incredible, but it is also good for your skin and hair. It helps to prevent wrinkles and is gentle on the skin, while also reducing hair breakage and frizz for your hair. Every mum will appreciate a silk pillowcase, as it makes the time she goes 

Are you a mum? If so, what are some things that you would love to receive as a gift? 

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