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I’m on a mission this week. The new Love All Blogs site is up with a showcase for lots of bloggers with 19 different genres. I have a rather eclectic blog, I try to stick to a niche subject matter but it’s not how my mind works, I’m afraid. Until there is a Love Eclectic Blogs (which knowing mammasaurus there probably will be at some point) I thought I would try to join every showcase on Love All Blogs with something for each category. If you’re not sure what the categories are, have a look on google.

I’m not sure what this says about my blog. I only had to write new posts for three of the categories, SEN, mental health and Dad. I had a snaky way of getting round all these categories and I’m especially proud of Dad. No I have not had testosterone injections, you’ll have to take a look to find out how I did it. Some of the posts are – let’s just say – rather loosely fitted to the category. I’m not sure whether my posts for fashion or politics are the best examples of the genre. Next week three new categories are being added. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll post for those as well. What on earth could I say about beauty: wash face, brush hair, put on make up if I have chance. Also I’ve never been an expat – unless you count moving to the midlands from the south? No thought not.

So while I wonder about whether I should stick to one subject a bit more and wait for my medals for joining all the categories, take a look at some of my posts and see how much (if at all) I’ve cheated.

FASHION: School Run Chic
LIFESTYLE: The Gallery: Vintage


MENTAL HEALTH: Support Black Dog Tribe

PREGNANCY: Twin Pregnancy
REVIEWS: Walk The Plank

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