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LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps

LOL Surprise really have cornered the market in products to unbox. The new toy, LOL Surprise Under Wraps has so many different layers, unwrapping it really is as fun as the contents. There are fifteen surprises inside which you find. It is a bit like playing a special version of pass the parcel where you get to keep all the layers.

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps
LOL Surprise Eye Spy Series Under Wraps

The box was much bigger than I expected. It is bright and colourful, with a cute LOL on the front. The first couple of layers have the Eye Spy on the front. You get a tiny spy glass so you can read the hidden messages on the packaging as you open it.

The best thing about the LOL Surprise Under Wraps is when you get down to the last layer and discover the large capsule containing your LOL dolls. There are lots of picture codes which you use to open the doors on the capsule. These are really fun sayings like sweet and sour and peace and love. You use the code breaker to try different codes by turning the switches and lining up the emoji pictures. It takes a while to get the right combination but then you can open the door and get your accessories.

Even the LOL doll was wrapped up in a mystery outfit. You don’t know what you get until you take off the rubber outfit.

Inside we got Caddie Cutie who is dressed ready to play golf, complete with a cute outfit, she’s, purple hair and even a visor. It also comes with a squidgy bottle.

Once you have opened the capsule you can use it as a purse and even as a stand for your dolls. It has a handle you can attach to carry it around with.

The LOL Surprise Under Wraps costs £14.99, and would make a fun present for an LOL fan.

Watch our unboxing video here:

Disclaimer: We were sent the toy for the purposes of this review. 

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