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LOL Surprise Dolls #HairGoals

The twins love LOL dolls but they have often said they wish they could do more with their hair. They love the fact you can change the clothes and would love to be able to style the hair like some of their other dolls. The new series LOL Surprise #HairGoals promises to be able to do just that

The #Hairgoals dolls cost £15.99 and come in a large cylindrical container. As with the other LOL dolls there are lots of layers to unwrap and this is the main bit of the attraction.

Inside there are fifteen surprises.  (1) Magic Mirror; (2) Secret Message; (3) Hair Barrette Stickers; (4) Salon Chair; (5) Hair Curlers; (6) Comb; (7) Bottle; (8) Fashion Accessory; (9-12) Mystery Disguise; (13) Outfit; (14) Shoes; (15) L.O.L. Surprise! Hairgoals doll.

The doll comes in a funny rubber suit so you can’t see what it is straight away.

The capsule looks like a hairspray can and it transforms into a salon chair, display case, doll stand, and purse.

We were sent two different LOL Hairgoals dolls. We were a bit disappointed in the first one as although the twins loved the design of Shimone Queen it had the usual plastic hair rather than the hair you could style. This is the only one out of the fifteen dolls which doesn’t have hair you can style.

The second Hairgoals doll really lived up to our expectations. Bhaddie has a big mop of black and green hair which you can style any way you like.

Even better, Bhaddie is a colour change doll. If you put her in cold water then she turns green like The Wicked Witch of the West. The twins decided to put the dolls in the sea and have a swim. It was pretty cold in February so the skin turned green straight away.

Here is our video review unboxing the LOL Surprise Hairgoals dolls.

Disclaimer: We were sent the dolls for the purposes of this review.

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