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Why Live On The South Coast Of The UK?


Wanting somewhere nice for your children to grow up, even if what constitutes said ‘nice place’ is different to everybody else’s ideas, is common to all parents.

However, there is far more to finding a house than simply thinking “time to move”. The feel of the house and the town it’s in are important, but there needs to be something more to tie people down.


The South coast offers the kind of places that feed the emotional side of the move. The sensation that you’ve arrived at somewhere you don’t need to leave.

Seaside shivers

Admittedly the concerted effort by the weather lately to get as much of the sea on land as possible is troubling, but there is much to be gained living near the coast.

For starters, there is the obvious: being able to pile on down to the beach on the slightest whim and just go crazy. From the Jurassic coast to water sports there’s more than enough to keep everyone entertained.

On top of that there’s the smell of the salt air and the pace of a life that moves to a natural rhythm rather than an imposed schedule.

The lazy beauty and refreshing tranquillity, it all grabs at that primal part of your spirit and sucks you in until you forget you know anything else.

Sheep and cows and horses, oh my!

If the coast can keep until summer, then the towns and villages offer a completely different, yet no less rewarding, lifestyle. The countryside wants you to come to it, and when you do you’ll realise why.

Half-hidden but cheerfully open, the communities built around the quiet life don’t need the hard sell. You arrive, wander around stunned at the views and the wildlife and slowly realise that there is so much to find you’ll never remember it all. From early morning bird-song to cattle thinking you are on the feed run, there always something else around the next bend.

Hill Head, Hampshire

The perfect blend

It’s not all about the coast and the country. In between there is the chance to have the best of both worlds. The country doesn’t have to mean cut-off any more than a town has to be an urban jungle. Having what you want doesn’t mean sacrificing what you need.

If you are looking for properties that enable you to soak up the delights of the South Coast then Linden Homes property for sale in Hampshire could be a good place to start.

Disclaimer: A guest post in association with Linden Homes

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