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Little Tikes Family Games Night

One of our favourite weekend activities is to have a family games night. It is a fun way to spend time as a family but also great for children to learn all sorts of skills at the same time without realising it, such as waiting your turn and being a good winner or loser. We are always looking for new games to play so were delighted when Little Tikes sent us a couple of their new games so we could have a Kids V parents family games night.

The game was on. We decided the winner would get to decide what to have for dinner and what movie to watch. The stakes were high, if the kids won then we were eating pizza and watching The Smurfs movie if the adults won it was healthy noodles and Infinity War. We had to win if we didn’t want to spend the evening singing a happy song.

Crazy Blender

The girls loved the look of Crazy Blender. It looks like a real blender but with a cheeky cartoon makeover. The object of the game is to load the blender up with the fruit cards. Each card is like a domino, displaying two different fruit. I liked how the player who ate fruit most recently gets to go first. Each player takes a turn to put a card into the blender. It is a little like dominos as the cards have to match.

Once you turn the blender on the cards start to spin out of control and it is really hard to concentrate. It was so funny watching them fly into the air and added a real excitement to the game. Although the rules are simple and would be suitable for children over five the adults edged into the lead because the kids just wanted to start playing and didn’t actually listen to the instructions!

This was definitely a fun addition to games night.

Crazy Toaster

This game is just adorable. The Crazy Toaster is really cute, he has forks for hands a bowl and cup for eyes and spoons for feet. You don’t need batteries for this game. Simply put some of the toast inside, press the button down and wait for it to pop. There are four different slots so you don’t know where the toast will pop from.

Then all you have to do is catch it in your colourful pan. Well, I say all you have to do, it is way harder than it looks as the toast pops everywhere.

The girls had done some sneaky practice so had got better at catching the toast. The winner is the first to fill up their plate, but you have to be careful not to catch any of the stinky fish.

I love the way this game gets the whole family together giggling. It also is sneakily working on your dexterity and hand-eye coordination as you really have to try hard to catch the toast. This game is definitely a favourite. I can’t wait to play it at Christmas with the grandparents.

The extra practice meant the girls edged into the lead. I was not happy to be spending the next several hours listening to “La, la, la, la, la, la! Sing a happy song!” Oh well, rematch next week!

Disclaimer: We were sent all the things we needed to have a family games night. 

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